Committee Vacancies

Committee Vacancies

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We hope you might be interested in joining the Committee which runs your PMF, to help us support and promote Production and Technical Management.

All the committee members play a part in the general running and development of the PMF, but each of us also has a specific role or area of responsibility. We mostly operate on-line using Slack as a communication tool and Zoom for monthly meetings.

We are looking for members of the Production and Technical Management profession to work with us as:

Forum Support Associate

This will preferably be someone based in the Midlands or further North who will work with our established team on all aspects of the promotion and delivery of our Forums and subsequent Socials.

This role would include the following tasks:

  • Supporting the Forum host in the creation of the events
  • Within the team, assisting our Media Content Associate in the preparation for and delivery of each Forum as required
  • On the day of the Forum, if possible, assisting with the general, video and sound set up and strike
  • Supporting the engagement of appropriate panel members and promoting their involvement in the Forum via social media
  • Collaborating with Forum hosts to promote, advertise and support the Forum and Social via social media platforms, other industry events and our membership
  • Be the PMF representative at any post-Forum Social
  • Photograph the Forum and Social for our archive and newsletter
  • Write articles about each Forum and Social for our website, social media pages, and newsletter

Events Sector Associate

To work with the Events Sector Coordinator, Ned Lay, in getting the PMF more involved with the Events Sector.

These roles are voluntary positions and will only require a small amount of time per month. If you are interested, or know someone who might be, please contact us via [email protected]

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