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The Education Hub lists Drama Schools, Universities and Colleges who offer training for would-be Production Managers and Technical Managers.

This ranges from degree courses which are either aimed at Production and Technical Managers, or which include their training in a wider curriculum, to National Diplomas which are designed to introduce young people into the world of technical theatre.

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Organisations and individual people in this hub are offering further training which may be of interest to Production and Technical Managers.

This has been split into two sections during this current time.

One section is a list of all current and free online training available for everyone, this may not be completely related to Production and Technical Managers.

The second section is a directory of recommend training which is aimed towards Production and Technical managers.

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This is a new Hub where PMF Members share skills via video.

If you have a skill you would like to share, please contact us. We would also like to hear from you about skills you think others could usefully share here.

Production and Technical Managers spend a lot of time searching and finding suppliers and so the PMF have set up a suppliers directory to be able to share this hard earned information.

Some of our listings are tagged “recommended” These are listings who have been directly recommended by a PMF member. Recommended status’ are valid for a year. 

We are also very happy to list any suppliers and freelancers without a recommendation.

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The PMF is aware that working away from home can be daunting and sometimes challenging to find local information.

So the Peer Support Hub is here to enable you to find a local contact who can point you in the best direction of where to find things, who to book, and any other questions, even if it’s just a friendly local point of contact who can point you in the direction of where is good to eat.

The PMF support and encourage our Peer Support Hub members to host Socials and Forums to enable to PMF to be a truly international organisation.

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This hub contains useful links to relevant laws and guidance for Production Managers and Techncial Managers.


AFTT (Advance Fork Truck Training) offer a comprehensive series of courses which help forklift drivers to master the know-how in

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Brilliant Stages is a world leader in designing, producing and delivering advanced staging technologies and entertainment structures to live events

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