Unconscious Bias Training

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Unconscious Bias Training

This training workshop combines factual learning with interactive, drama-based skills and interactive theatre to shed light on the prevalence of unconscious bias is in the workplace and the best methods to try and combat it. The course is led by our experienced course leader and assisted by a team of Chickenshed practitioners and you will also have the opportunity to work alongside our students who have a range of different backgrounds and abilities.


  • What is unconscious bias and why is it important?
  • Recognising your bias and the barriers it can create in the workplace
  • How Chickenshed manages unconscious bias and how you can take these strategies into your office
  • The Do’s and Don’ts of unconscious bias and how to avoid common mistakes.

Delivery Outcomes

  • Understanding why unconscious bias is important to you
  • Accepting that everyone has unconscious bias and that you need to make a conscious effort to combat your bias
  • Knowledge of what the different biases are and a strategy on how best to avoid them
  • Understanding the importance of minority segments and the business benefits of having a strategy to include them
  • A insight into how Chickenshed attempts to avoid unconscious bias in our workplace and how this translates to you

Pricing and Structure

This course can be done as a one day or half day course at our in house theatre or at venue of your choice.