What are PMF Forums?

What are PMF Forums?

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Forums are a key part of our mission in providing a platform for Production and Technical Managers to share ideas and knowledge with one another. We aim to provide four Forums a year across the UK. Since the pandemic these have been hybrid, allowing members to attend in person or online via Zoom or Facebook.

We are grateful to our Forum Sponsors, who make these activities possible. Forums in 2022 have been sponsored by Pirate Crew, Drapemakers, and J & C Joels.

Our topics are suggested by our membership, hosted by a venue and managed by our PMF Forum Team. Each Forum is hosted by a guest Chair with a passion relating to the subject. They curate a panel of specialists in the field of discussion along with Production & Technical Managers, sharing their thoughts and experiences on the topic.

Questions and contributions from the ‘audience’ both at the venue and on-line are welcome. 

All Forums are recorded and you can see the videos here.

Forums are normally followed by a social down the pub!

Our next Forum will be early in 2023

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