Martin Radmall

Fundraising Associate

I am currently a freelance Production / Project manager for Smartrad Creative – working within the Live events, Concert Touring and Theatrical sector. I work with creatives and clients delivering multiple productions to audiences around the UK and USA.  Prior to the C-19 downturn I was the Head of Projects for Brilliant Stages & Tait, working on some of the largest shows in the concert touring industry, also overseeing installation works for London design festival, motor sport and projects for the musicals in the West End.

Prior to this I worked managing installations of stage engineering into buildings and installing Temporary Demountable structures around the major festivals and events in Europe.

Truly proving a problem is ‘just a solution in the making’.

A period of my career was spent with ITV studios & the BBC, working on continuing drama, short TV films, and light entertainment shows. Whilst working in TV production as a scenes & props master, this helped work in the alternate style of TV production, and how it was really a technical stage manager with a different title.

My theatre career prior to the year 2000 was a busy period working with Opera North & Leeds Grand Theatre, and freelance gigs to fill up the time. But tracing my roots back my career started back in 1988 training ‘on the job’ at the Theatre Royal, Bury St Edmunds, a superb place to begin your career as a hemp flyman. Moving on to the Arts Theatre – Cambridge, The Mercury Theatre – Colchester and a period with Sunset Boulevard in London before relocating to Leeds.

I linked up with the PMF, to bring along experiences from my personal take, on the full spectrum of live events, theatre, TV & film, and construction of theatres. Looking to develop the contacts made, practices deployed and leaving satisfied audiences being immersed in our culture. There are many production and technical managers, all in individual zones of Live events, theatre, media and the touring industry, all with similar stories with different methods – truly a fascinating time to expand this knowledge base and link up.

I’m a full member of the ABTT, and also like to do a spot of lighting design for local groups and education establishments, I love the history of old theatres and Victorian (& earlier) stage engineering – often involved in finding out more about our theatrical ancestors, and you can find me regularly on Linked-In and Twitter.

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