AAPTLE Minutes

AAPTLE Minutes

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AAPTLE includes representatives who work in all aspects of the theatrical and events community including more than two hundred thousand creative and production practitioners.

AAPTLE was formed in June 2020 when a number of associations came together for a zoom meeting to discuss the need for collaboration and information sharing during the early days of Lockdown / Covid -19 and the closure of our industry. It has continued to expand and provide a platform for industry-wide dialogue, which did not exist before.

PMF representatives continue to attend AAPTLE meetings when we can. Minutes of all the meetings are shared on each member associations website. See below for links to those minutes.

Membership includes but is not limited to: the ABTT, Association for Lighting Production and Design, Association of Scenic Artists and Makers, The Association for Sound Design and Production, Costume in Theatre Entertainment and Arts, Freelancers Make Theatre Work, the Movement Directors Association, Parents in Performing Arts, the PMF, Society of British Theatre Designers, Scene Change, Stage Directors UK, the Sustainability in Production Alliance, the Stage Management Association, Stage Sight.