Sharing Ideas and Knowledge

Sharing Ideas and Knowledge

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Who we are

The Production Managers’ Forum (PMF) is a resource for anyone involved in the production or technical management of theatre or live events.

It enables members to connect with each other and to share ideas, information and knowledge.

Find out more about the PMF here.

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JHAV Sponsor the PMF

We are delighted to announce that JHAV have come on board as Production Sponsors for the PMF. Production sponsorship contributes to the production of PMF communication with its members and the wider world. JHAV are a team of industry leading event specialists based in the South West of England. We

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PMF AGM 2024

The PMF is pleased to announce that our AGM will take place on Wednesday 20th March, at 4pm GMT on Zoom. This is our opportunity to review the work of the PMF over the last year.

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SOLT UK Theatres
10 Principles for Safe and Inclusive Workspaces

Bullying, harassment and discrimination have no place in our industry.

These principles aim to eradicate abuse and all forms of discrimination. 

They can also offer a shared vision to promote and maintain a safer, more inclusive workplace environment for everyone working within theatre and the performing arts.

Theatre Green Book.
The Theatre Green Book sets out the path
to a sustainable future.

We’re living in a climate crisis and theatre has to change its practice. The Green Book is an initiative by the whole of theatre.

It sets standards for:

  • sustainable productions
  • sustainable buildings
  • sustainable operations

A framework for positive steps toward sustainability.

SiPA is The Sustainability in Production Alliance.

They are a community of live production professionals who share the belief that our industry must embrace sustainability to ensure its future and have published 10 Quick Sustainable Wins for many areas of our industry.

Equity Safe Spaces


Equity is calling on everyone in the industry to work together to create a culture shift.

They want an industry where workplaces are free of bullying and harassment and are asking companies to show their commitment to creating safe spaces by reading the
Safe Spaces Statement at the beginning of a production’s rehearsal period.

Favourite LInks

Here are a few of our favourite links. Please give them a try, if you don’t know them already.
And contact us here if you would like to add others.

AAPTLE includes representatives of associations who work in all aspects of the theatrical and events community including more than two hundred thousand creative and production practitioners.

Their aims include establishing an Alliance that
will be an open and ever evolving community, supporting ways to connect and take action; and actively working towards making our industry a safe, inclusive and sustainable place to work,
now and in the future.

The PMF are happy to be active members of AAPTLE 

The Association of British Theatre Technicians (ABTT) is a membership organisation with backstage and theatre buildings at its heart.

It aims to be the best place for theatre related training, advice and safety information

They provide:

  • Codes of Practice for the Industry.
  • A helpline for your technical queries.
  • Ongoing training for your professional development.
  • Guidance on the design and operation of venues.

FMTW is an inclusive, independent community for the 200,000+ self-employed and freelance workers from all areas of theatre, opera, dance and live performance, who make up 70% of the UK theatre workforce.

They aim to support  fellow freelancers in every way they can by encouraging more transparent and inclusive conversations within the performing arts industry by listening to and articulating theatre freelancers’ needs to theatre managements, production companies, industry bodies and government.

UK Theatre is the UK’s leading theatre and performing arts membership organisation.

Their vision is to see a well-connected and well-supported theatre sector that is recognised as being at the heart of UK life, with thriving organisations, the world’s greatest creative and managerial talent and ever larger and more diverse audiences.

They promote excellence, professional development, and campaign to improve resilience and increase audiences across the sector.

Discussion Boards

These are a new feature on the website and allow members to ask questions and to view and post comments about current issues.

In particular there is a board dedicated to COVID 19 where members discuss how can we make shows while observing social distancing, and what help is available to freelancers. Members have also posted useful documents and links.

Click the Discussion Boards link on the Members Menu

In Conversation Videos

We have teamed up various Production and Technical Managers
and recorded their conversations for you to view.

Those involved so far are:
David Evans, Head of Production, National Theatre Wales, and PMF Ambassador
Gavin Pell, founder and MD of Pirate Crew
Gary Pell, Head of Stage, National Theatre
John Young, Founder and Director of John Young Creative Industries
Sarah Hemsley-Cole Production and Event Manager
Click here to see the conversations

our aims

  • share ideas and knowledge

  • support and promote best practice within production and technical management

  • give access to up to date information, legislation and codes of practice

  • connect Production Managers with each other through this website, social media channels, regular forums and social events

  • produce a regular newsletter

  • advertise relevant job vacancies via this website and our social media channels

  • develop a Support Hub of individuals and suppliers, to provide regional support and local knowledge

  • provide mentorship schemes for young and aspiring Production Managers

See our Mission Statement for more details